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Low Budget Loans can save you from a financial emergency quickly.

Founded in 2004, Low Budget Loans created a better way to provide quick credit to people with middle to high income salaries. The founders used their experience as bank managers to come up with a process that worked easily. As a result, they became a…


Affordable EC Loans can give you financial breathing space in a hurry.

If you need money in a hurry and you don’t have time to go through all the admin the banks expect you to, then affordable EC Loans can help. It’s a standing joke in the industry – to get a loan from a…


Cobol easy loans makes your life a lot easier.

Looking for a quick and easy loan from between R1 000 to R3 000?  Look no further than Cobol easy loans. Cobol is a trusted company that can assist you. Since 2006, they have issued small loans to help people bridge the gap in their…


What loans are available to businesses in South Africa?

When it comes to business loans in South Africa, you are spoilt for choice. Banks cater to all businesses big and small, A bank is the best place for a business loan Short and medium-term loans available Government-funded loans are more flexible and affordable…


What is the attraction of unsecured loans?

Why are unsecured loans so popular in South Africa? A few years back, this type of loan was not well known. Why now? Tough economic times drive cash-strapped people to quick cash solutions. And no security needed to obtain an unsecured loan. Some…


A Comparison Platform for Personal Loans

What is a Personal Loan comparison platform? Online loan quote providers do all the hard work Understanding that Personal Loans are short-term solutions Interest rates on personal do not come cheaply Seriously consider Personal Protection Plans to cover outstanding loan amounts You can…


“Swapping” Your Valuable Possessions for Cash with an Asset Loan

What is an Asset Loan and how can I raise cash against my valuable possessions? With an asst loan you use your assets to raise quick cash The assets that can be “swapped” for instant cash Guidelines for qualifying for an Asset Loan…


Bond Repayment Calculator

So you and your spouse have made the decision to buy a house. How will you enter this transaction safely? Of course you should be getting a bunch of quotes online so that you can compare the best payment options. But there are…