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EC Loans South Africa

EC Loans operates under a simple principle – when you need a loan, you deserve an answer as quickly as possible. They also believe that all South Africans deserve a fair chance to access financing, no matter what their credit history is. Having…


Quick Online Personal Cash Loans – but there’s a price to pay!

What does it cost to take out online personal cash loans? Check interest rates repayable – they can be exorbitant Quick cash loans are for individuals, not businesses You must earn at least R2 000 monthly to qualify Online personal cash loans are for…


Taking Out a Loan in South Africa – Avoid the Sharks

Many of us, at some time in our lives, will find ourselves taking out in South Africa to assist in difficult times,pay off medical bills, pay our children’s educational costs, upgrade our home or even take a family holiday. There are many different…


Dial Direct Loans

Dial Direct loans are an easy way for South Africans to borrow money fast. Using the internet cash strapped South Africans simply complete a form online and press the submit button. This is the only Dial Direct contact you need to make when…


Short Term Loans

Short term loans are products just like any other product. And every product has certain elements associated with it: A price at which it can be bought. A feature that defines it. A service that accompanies it. A benefit that fulfills a need.…


Quick Loans

Getting quick loans isn’t always an enjoyable experience. There’s the searching, the approval process, the application, and then the often bad after-sales service. Consumers naturally want to use a company that stands out from the rest. They want a good price, great service…


Fast Loans Online

Some important questions to ask about cash fast loans online! What is a small loan? How do they benefit people in South Africa? What’s the best way to get fast loans online? Why is it better to online loans as opposed to phoning…


Fast Loan

So you want to know about getting quick loans. A fast loan is the option you choose when you’re in a hurry for quick money. Sometimes life hits us with certain challenges that make it hard to cope. But if we ace these…


Fast Easy Loans

Are you using the right method for finding fast easy loans? Who says you can’t have speed, convenience and affordability all in one? There are a number of banks and lending institutions that offer outstanding deals on fast easy loans. You also want…


Fast Cash Loans

There are few things more frustrating than being in a hurry and not getting what you need. It seems that when you need fast cash loans for something that is urgent, everyone drags their feet. There are some companies who know how to…