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About Wonga Loans in South Africa

Wonga is all about providing quick financing in the most convenient way possible. If you are a brand-new client, you can borrow up to R4 000 with the company. If you have an established track record with them, you might be able to borrow…


How Does a Mulah Loan Work?

Mulah offers innovative microfinancing to South African citizens, helping them out when they are cash-strapped and making the application process as quick and user-friendly as possible. Mulah specializes in short-term financing and payday loans. The loans are quick to apply for and you…


How Loans Unlimited Can Improve Your Life

How Can Loans Unlimited Help You?  Find affordable loans Access to Platinum Club benefits Get information on debt management   Discover affordable loans For the past 10 years Loans Unlimited has been helping South Africans find affordable loans as well as manage their…


There’s no need to be caught short financially this month.

It is relatively easy to obtain quick online personal cash loans in South Africa today. However, there is a price to pay as the cost of interest rates can soar to 112% annually. So think very carefully before choosing this option. What does It…


Quick Personal Loans

Ever taken the time to wonder what people do with quick personal loans? Do they use them for important things such as paying for their children’s education, or a medical procedure, or do they spend time trying to get the best interest rate…


Quick Online Loans

Quick online loans is a term you will probably come across a lot when you’re online. These fast online loans have a category of their own when it comes to lending. They are different to the types of loans you would apply for…


Quick Loans South Africa

For most people, every minute in the day is taken up with work and family. When you need quick loans South Africa you don’t always have the time to leave the office or your home to get it. While most banks and other…


Quick Easy Loans

Searching for either a short- or long-term loan can take some time. When faced with the choice of shopping around for a personal loan or taking one of the many quick easy loans offered by hundreds of service providers, many people tend to…


Get a Quick Loan

When you need a quick loan you will find various online providers who will give you  a quick loan in minutes. This process is becoming more and more commonplace in South Africa. People look for different kinds of loan, from short-term loans to…


Online Quick Cash Loans

Locating quick cash loans is best done online. From a computer, cell phone or tablet, you can access the best loans South Africa has on offer. Online quick cash loans are available to anyone who has internet access. With smart phones becoming so…