RCS Loans Stand by You in Difficult Times

With pay increases pegged and inflation running high, there is an even greater need for South Africans to find extra money to make ends meet. They are finding that with the cost of living, money seems to flow through their fingers and upset the family budget. Many people in South Africa badly need a loan. They have stood in queues at the banks and been humiliated when their loan applications were turned down. RCS Loans were the ones who threw them a lifeline. They were the ones to help them out of a tight spot.

Starting out in 1999, this giant financial services company offers an effortless paperless process with no queues. RCS Loans mean instant cash, competitive rates and the flexibility to pay back the loan from 12 to 60 months.

Advantages of RCS Loans

With RCS personal loans you can be sure that everything is kept discreet. No-one even needs to know about your loan application. Getting personal RCS loans is the total opposite to getting a RCS Loans loan from the bank. The reason for this is that you sail past all that complicated red tape.

The RCS Group offers their customers a range of financial products of which their loans draw a huge amount of interest. This is because they offer legal loans of up to R125 000. These loans have been able to help people out of sticky situations and to also enhance their lifestyles. With an online RCS loans calculator you will be able to work out the approximate monthly repayments you will make with your personal loan. The figure will be different to what the banks give because they add in administration fees.

Loans South Africa

Capitec Bank also offers loans. They have two different kinds of personal loans – their regular loans and their multi loans. The regular loan can be anything up to R230 000 while the multi loan is a popular choice for those who face those unpredictable emergencies. This loan, with up to R4 000 available, can get you through a crisis and is repayable in full at the end of the month.RCS Loans South Africa

Just like RCS loans, Capitec loans are approved within minutes and the money is also paid into your bank account within hours. Direct Axis loans are also another option with loans of up to R150 000 being offered. This kind of unsecured loan will be repayable between 2 to 6 years. You can also take a loan of R4 000. Whether you take R4 000 o R150 000 you can spend it how you like. What is nice with RCS loans and other reputable loan providers in South Africa is that repayment terms are fixed for the full term of your cash loan regardless of whether interest rates go up.

Personal Loans Application

When you deal with the likes of Absa Loans, African Bank and RCS Loans you are dealing with authorised financial services providers. These lenders are all compliant with the National Credit Act. With RCS Loans you can quickly fill in their online application form. To apply online you simply need your ID number, your bank account details, 3 months of bank statements and sometimes, depending on the lender, proof of residence. To apply for RCS Loans you need to be 18 years of age or older, you must earn at least R2000 a month and you must have a good credit record.

Where banks won’t help, Capitec does. They offer blacklisted loans. These personal loans can range from R500 to R15 000 and you can hear on the same day if you’ve been successful with clinching a loan.

An Emergency Fund for Life’s Surprises

The RCS loans solution allows clients to apply for much needed funds through a quick online application form. They understand that no matter how well you plan your budget, you will sometimes find yourself with unexpected expenses. They are there for you, offering an emergency fund so that you don’t have to scramble for money in all the wrong places.


All info was correct at time of publishing