Dial Direct Loans

Dial Direct loans are an easy way for South Africans to borrow money fast. Using the internet cash strapped South Africans simply complete a form online and press the submit button. This is the only Dial Direct contact you need to make when applying for Dial Direct loans. The ad on this page will take you to the Dial Direct website where you can get details about the various products offered by Dial Direct, including fast loans.

Dial Direct LoansPersonal loans in South Africa came into the spotlight in a bad way during 2014 when African Bank loans got the bank in trouble. African Bank would have collapsed if the government had not bailed it out with the taxpayers’ money. On the back of the African Bank debacle, international rating agency Moody’s downgraded Capitec Bank, although Capitec had nothing at all to do with the African Bank loans disaster. Just for good measure Moody’s also downgraded Absa, Nedbank, Standard Bank and First National Bank.

SA turns to personal loans online

The irony of it all is that South Africans have turned away from mainstream, brick-and-mortar banks when they are in search of an easy personal loan. Instead they go in search of personal loans online. Dial Direct personal loans are popular among people looking for a limited amount of money in order to put down a deposit on a car, pay school fees, to cover the costs of a funeral or to consolidate debt. Many South Africans cannot keep up with their credit card repayments and store card payments. They turn to online loan companies like Dial Direct.

When applying for Dial Direct loans it pays to be totally honest. If you know that the credit bureaus have flagged you as high-risk borrower, do not try to conceal the fact. Also do not lie about the amount that you earn or your current and future expenses. You will be found out, and anyway you will only be shooting yourself in the foot by borrowing more than you can afford to borrow.

How to go about getting Dial Direct loans

Once you are on the Dial Direct website and in the Dial Direct loans section, simply complete the form. Dial Direct loans personnel are incredibly helpful. You can get online help as you are completing the form and there are numbers where you can call Dial Direct if you need to ask questions.

An important point is that you should borrow just what you need and no more. The repayments including interest on a R10 000 loan are exponentially greater than repayments on a R8000 loan. So if you need a small loan from Dial Direct loans then by all means take out a Dial Direct personal loan. But do not borrow more than you need.

Alternatives to Dial Direct loans

If you do not manage to get Dial Direct loans you should not be discouraged. Work on your credit profile to improve it before applying again for Dial Direct loans. You can also try other loan companies like Wonga or First for Women.

First step: Complete and submit the form on this page to get an interest rate quote on a loan

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