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When you need a quick loan you will find various online providers who will give you  a quick loan in minutes. This process is becoming more and more commonplace in South Africa.

People look for different kinds of loan, from short-term loans to consolidation loans. Those who can afford it are finding it relatively easy to get a quick loan. They do this by going online where the best cash loan lenders are advertised.

All you need is:

  • a good credit score
  • copies of important documents such as your ID
  • a local bank account
  • steady employment

But what options are there available for those  who work on fixed-term contracts, freelance workers and those who are unemployed, either temporarily or over the long term?

Quick LoanCan you get quick cash loan when you work on contract?

Experts in the field of lending have identified that every company that can offer a loan wants some kind of guarantee that they will get their money back, as well as their lending fee and interest.

This means that for a long time, those who worked on a contract basis applying for loans, even a debt consolidation loan, had limited access to this service.

These days companies generally assess on a case-by-case basis if you can afford a quick loan. If you have just started working on a long-term contract of a year, for example, most providers will see no problem in giving you a short-term quick loan, as you will most likely have no problem paying it back, affordability rules allowing.

Long-term personal loans however, may not be right for you if you are working on a two-week contract.

Working as a freelancer affects your ability to get quick loans South Africa

Anyone who works permanently as a freelancer is probably earning an income but the monthly amount they are paid is not always the same, as it would be if they were permanently employed.

When applying for quick cash loans then, service providers may have to consider the credit history of each person applying, and their history with handling their financial accounts. Someone whose record is exemplary should have no problem when they apply for quick easy loans, as long as they can provide proof of their payment histories, and can show the provider how they intend to pay the money back.

Quick online loan lenders for the unemployed

Financial constraints are tough for anyone who feels them, but people who don’t have a steady income may need a little help making ends meet in the form of a quick loan.

Applying for quick loans then is their way of meeting their financial demands while they wait for money to come in.

Some providers of quick online loans will grant cash to those who need it, even if they do not have steady, permanent work but may require supporting documents to help them make that decision.

These can include bank statements, letters of reference from a bank manager and in some cases, even letters of reference from friends and family of the applicant that speak to their reliability and financial know-how.

These requirements will always be communicated to applicants so that they can make an informed decision regarding their application for a quick loan, and are quite easy to get hold of too.

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