Cash Converters

Many South Africans use Cash Converters to get themselves quick cash. When the need arises for fast money, selling your DVD player, Hi-Fi or pool table can be a great help. The money is virtually instant and there are minimal complications involved.

If you’re a Capetonian, you may be tempted to frequent Cash Converters Cape Town in order to pawn off your goods for instant cash. So you need money, and your options are before you. But is it really better to go to Cash Converters South Africa, or to a lending institution?

Cash Converters

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Reasons people opt for selling their goods instead of taking out cash loans:

  • People feel that taking out a loan costs more because of the interest. What they don’t realize is that the interest you pay on a loan is usually less than what that item is worth. Basically, you’d be better off keeping your item and paying the small interest percentage.
  • Some people have bad credit or are blacklisted. These folks feel that lending companies will turn them down if they apply for loans. However, lending companies and banks now offer personal loans and other options. These options are tailor made for managing debt easier.
  • Certain people also feel too trapped to take out a loan because of the false stigma. But there is no shame in taking out a loan. Huge companies run on credit and many successful people have started out by borrowing as a financial boost. Cash Converters certainly isn’t the only way to get fast money.
  • Most people believe that selling an item at Cash Converters gives them money faster. They don’t realize that by applying for online short loans, they can be approved instantly. Getting cash loans same day is becoming a more common occurrence.

Why it’s better to choose a loan:

Losing an asset for a bit of money

What happens too often is that people sell things that they’d like to keep. Cash Converters usually only pay decent money for goods that are worth buying. This means that you lose something you actually want, and someone else keeps it.

So if you live in Centurion and feel the urge to visit your nearest Cash Converters Centurion branch; hold on. There may be a better way.

Paying potentially more

Since you need the item you’re selling, it’s actually worth something. Selling something of worth and getting less money than it’s worth is counterproductive. By borrowing money, you are paying a small percentage towards interest, and you get to keep the item you would have sold.

Cash Converters pros and cons

Do you live in the north of Johannesburg? If you’re thinking of going to Cash Converters Fourways, stop! Taking out a loan is a much better option, as you can see.

So before going off to your nearest Cash Converters, consider the alternative. You can get a loan that’s affordable, quick and easy, without giving up your favourite electronic item.

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