Is it Possible to Get a Loan Now in South Africa?

With the help of a quick loan, you can re-evaluate your finances. You can consider the few months ahead and establish what you want to achieve. Are you saving towards a car or do you want to start an online course to get yourself some additional skills? So can you get a loan now in South Africa?

  1. Yes, short-term loans are still as popular as ever
  2. Some borrowers make it wonderfully easy to get access to cash – and quickly too
  3. Steer clear of loan sharks lest your family need to spend even more money on your coffin
  4. Rather stick to reputable, trusted providers for help with your short-term credit needs.
  5. Lenders such as GetBucks have less rigid approval requirements than banks

Personal- and Business Loans

Once you know what you need the money for, set the sum you need and get in touch with a reputable online lender.

Get a Loan Now in South AfricaApart from getting a personal loan for businesses. GetBucks also has a team of business finance specialists who tailor SMME finance products to help businesses get the capital they need to expand.

A Reputable, Registered Lender – Get a Loan Now in South Africa

GetBucks is an online lender. They’ve been operating since 2011 and have helped thousands looking for much-needed cash to help them through a difficult time. They are registered with the NCR and MFSA, so you can be confident you’re in reliable hands.  You’ll first need to register an account first. This can be done via their website. Their contact details are –

  • Tel: 010 591 5511
  • Fax: 086 599 4700
  • General


What’s Required?

According to the National Credit Amendment  Act of 2015, GetBucks will require that you send them your 3 most recent bank statements.

To apply for a loan you will need to have been permanently employed for at least 3 months and you shouldn’t have been placed under debt review or sequestration. Of course, you will need to have an active bank account.

Within an Hour You could Have Bucks – Get a Loan Now in South Africa

Once you sign up with GetBucks and have applied for a loan, you’re able to access your profile on the website to see the status of your account. If you prefer you can SMS the word ‘status’ to  44184 and the information you require will be sent to you.

Approval is quick with GetBucks and once you receive that approval SMS, your money will be available in your bank account within an hour.

Most South Africans are living beyond their budgets. And they’re just wondering how they are going to be getting through the next week and the next month. The truth is you need to try and settle your debt. And if you really feel you can’t, speak to your debtors about negotiating new repayment terms.

If you’ve never applied for a loan before, why not consider it now as a means to tackling your debt and starting afresh? Getting a bank loan approved isn’t easy in South Africa anymore. So before heading to the bank and having the loan-door slammed in your face, try GetBucks.


To request a loan, complete and submit the form on this page by clicking on the “Next” button

All info was correct at time of publishing